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Landscape Kiosk Enclosure

Discontinued: This product has been discontinued.
Replace drab posterboard signs and concierge desks with Peerless-AV’s sleek digital signage kiosks. Designed to best support an ultra-thin display, this kiosk is sure to make an impact with its audience. Whether it’s advertising, a digital directory, or way finding, this solution is an ideal fit for a hotel lobby, corporate campus, college/university campus, hospital, shopping mall and more.
Certificaciones: Certification: ADA Certification: ce Certification: RoHS

  • Designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA
  • A wide range of custom aesthetic options also available; options include custom color finishes, vinyl logos, wraps, etc.
  • ADA Compliant and tested to UL safety standards and pending official certification
  • Simple plug and play set-up takes less than 5 minutes to start using
  • Non-contact wrist thermometer means users approach the kiosk, place their wrist next to the scanner and their temperature is taken, eliminating the need to try and align the users face and forehead in line with the camera and sensor
  • High-performance, premium powder coat finish protects the unit and extends the product lifespan for years
  • Internal cable management creates an aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Secured rear door allows convenient access to the display and other internal components for easy maintenance
  • Unobtrusive, stylish design can be free standing or bolted to the floor for increased safety and security
  • Kiosk design and component specifications subject to change without notice
  • 21.5" digital signage tablet with 10-point multi-touch projected display from Mimo Monitors
  • Visual instructions on the screen to align users wrist to the accurate reading zone
  • Pass/Fail or numerical temperature notification and optional email notification to HR or designated individuals
  • Medical grade, contactless temperature sensor ±0.3 degrees
  • CDC approved COVID-19 screening questionnaire
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